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Basilicata - Matera
Basilicata is, since the geographical point of view, characterized by clear contrasts , of nature and environment, contrasts that distinguish its territory, making it unique. His heart is mostly mountainous and hilly, but at the same time it borders with the Mediterranean Sea: exactly, the Tyrrhenian Sea in the southwest area, towards the Gulf of Policastro and the Ionic sea ; in the southeast area, with the Gulf of Taranto. Matera is the major historic site of the region, thanks to its “Sassi di Matera” ( "Matera’s stones"), which are UNESCO’s heritage, they are a marvel and a real full immersion with a deeper understanding in History, representing a zone where people have been living since the Paleolithic. In the mountains, the food traditions have been developed in an exceptional way, thanks to the highest quality cheese and honey, without overlooking Wines (very famous the “Aglianico del Vulture”), olive oils and vegetables, everything served with the bread of Matera, which has been classified as IGP. For sure there are a lot of other specialties, as following: The "Pecorino of Filiano" and the "Canestrato di Moliterno", and the caciocavallo as well. The Abruzzo cultivates the " Sarconi IGP beans", "the pepper of Senise IGP", “the DOP red aubergine" of Rotonda and "the Red Potato" of Terranova Pollino. Regarding the desserts, we have to remember the "sanguinaccio" which is a sweet cream made with some bitter dark chocolate. It's a really traditional dessert of Basilicata during Carnival Festival, together with some other biscuits, everywhere known as " Chiacchiere".


You are viewing the products of the area: Regioni D'Italia > Basilicata > Dry

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