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Sardegna - Maddalena Island
Sardegna, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, full of mountains and forests, plains and largely uninhabited territories, with different streams, rocky coasts, and long beautiful sandy beaches; for the variety of its ecosystems has been defined as a micro-continent. Many travelers and writers have praised and continue to describe its beauty, still remained largely untouched, set in a landscape that is home for the remains of ancient civilizations, like the Nuragica. Wonderful beaches, combined with spectacular sea bottoms and a pristine nature and wildlife, with protected and endangered species, together with magnificent ruins and archeological sites, make Sardegna as one of the most popular holiday destinations for travellers all around the world, but also for gourmets , that here find very interesting ideas. Several starters from land and sea, but the breads and loaves really deserve a special mention. The so-called Carasau, typical bread from Barbagia Region, is composed of a pastry crisp, round and flat; the name comes from “carasare” which in Sardinian dialect means “to toast” ; if sprinkled with olive oil, salted and heated in the oven is called “pane guttiau”. We can’t forget that Sardegna has an ancient pastoral tradition, and offers a wide production of pecorino cheese, exported and appreciated everywhere, especially in North America. There are currently three DOP cheeses: Fiore Sardo, Pecorino Sardo and Pecorino Romano that, despite its name, is produced by 90% in this Island. Excellent the wines: the reds include the Cannonau, the Monica, the Carignano del Sulcis, the Girò, while among the whites, there are those included in Vermentino di Gallura DOCG disciplinary, the Malvasia di Bosa, the Torbato of Alghero, the Nuragus of Cagliari, the Moscato.


You are viewing the products of the area: Regioni D'Italia › Sardegna

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