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Emilia Romagna – Accursio Palace
Region mostly flat, of temperate climate, with hot and humid summers, but, cold winters. Economically is highly developed (among the most developed areas of Europe) , characterized by the presence of industrial and handicraft production and industries of small, medium and large size. The cuisine of the Emilia Romagna, as in most of the Italian regions, is a combination of different dishes and various cultures, distinguished and recognizable by strong flavours; its uniqueness derives from the culmination of almost eight centuries of autonomy of individual cities, from the age of the Munidipalities until the Unification of Italy, and recalls the role of real capital played by the larger towns. The delicate pasta, Tortelli, perfect if you add some parmesan cheese, are only one of the delicacies. Typical is the stuffed pasta, such as Cappellacci with pumpkin from Ferrara. Unforgettable the Tagliatelle , thin sheet of dough made just with eggs(without a drop of water) and flour, and usually seasoned with the Bolognese sauce ( mince-meat and tomato sauce), or with diced ham and then simmered in the fry pan with some good butter. Another specialty is The Zampone of Modena, cold cut with Protected Geographical Indication . Among the wines, here you are some suggestions: The Lambrusco DOC of Modena, the Salamino of Santa Croce and the Grasparossa, from Castelvetro.


You are viewing the products of the area: Regioni D'Italia > Emilia Romagna > Fresh

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