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Umbria - Assisi, Basilica of San Francesco
Region of central Italy with capital city Perugia, located in the heart of the peninsula, is the only region of the peninsular area not washed by the sea. Umbria is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes through the succession of valleys, mountain ranges, plateaus and plains, which are the dominant geographical feature, but also rich in natural parks, six in the region, and an economy that grows in four specific sectors: industry, craftsmanship, agriculture and tourism. The variety of dishes and local products is really outstanding, mainly attributable to the land cuisine. Essential elements are the extra virgin olive oils, especially the one coming from the area between Trevi and Spoleto, and the wines, the white grapes from Orvieto and Martani hills and the red ones from the areas of Montefalco and Amerino. Well known and traditional is the loaf, the “pane sciapo” ( in local dialect means the bland bread) and various flatbreads (the "torta al testo" from Perugia, the "Crescia" from Gubbio, the "pizza sotto lu focu" from Terni , last one meaning in local dialect , pizza under the flame ) , and passing through the various dishes based on wild game ("gnocchi" with sauce hare, pheasant to "drip pan", pappardelle with wild boar), finally arriving to the cold cuts from Norcia, to enjoy with its famous black truffle. The black truffle has a pleasant fragrance and an aroma that fully manifests itself with the cooking. The taste is exquisite. Grows in sunny, hilly and mountainous areas, on well-drained, porous and limestone soils. It is a typical product, appreciated and known worldwide.


You are viewing the products of the area: Regioni D'Italia > Umbria > Dry

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