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Sicilia - Taormina
The largest island in Italy and in Mediterranean sea, Sicilia is even the biggest region of our Peninsula . Rich in history: the oldest human traces on the island, date back to 12,000 BC. Because of its location, the region and the surrounding islands are affected by an intense volcanic activity. The most important volcanoes are Etna (the highest active in Europe), Stromboli and Vulcano, and they have the singularity to belong to three different types: eruptions of lava interspersed with periods of calmness for the first; continuous eruptions and lava fountains for the second; explosive or “Plinian” (name derived from the first discoverer Pliny the Younger, writer and Roman politician of 61-62 AD) for the third, characterized by long periods of apparent calm and sudden violent eruptions. Hilly region, famous for the coast and the beautiful bays and beaches, land of folklore, traditions, problems and contradictions, but well summarized by the great Giovanni Falcone in the phrase « Mafia is a human phenomenon and like all human phenomena has a beginning , its evolution and will therefore have also an end». The cuisine is among the best ones in Italy. The list of typical products is very long. Granita, cannoli and Sicilian cassata are known universally, The Sicilian “arancino” or “arancina” ( depending if you are in Messina, Catania or in Palermo ) made with rice and peas, can be considered such as the main traditional "street food" of the island. The name comes from the shape of “Arancia” ( orange) that together with Lemon are the fruits “symbol” of the island. Among the cheeses, provolone, pecorino are very famous. D.o.p. Olive Oil and seasoned Olives are exquisite, as well as mussels, shrimp, and sea urchins.


You are viewing the products of the area: Regioni D'Italia > Sicilia > Dry

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