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About us
Italian Deli Foods is a company owned by Italian entrepreneurs of the food sector, located in Sydney. Born with a great wealth of experience, from an idea of an Italian family who has exported, for more than 70 years, and all over the world, not only the food, but the philosophy that accompanies its use and consumption.

From an intuition as simple as ambitious, helping to raise the level of awareness and knowledge of the Italian products, both of business operators of the large retailers, either of renowned and international chefs. To become a reference for them, but also to have the chance to learn from our clients the new market trends, also contributing actively and playing a new role of great responsibility: not only “selecting”, but also proposing, listening, and finally guiding the customer through his own choices, in an open forum that never can end.

Our Sydney branch is able to collaborate with our Headquarter in Napoli, as well as with the Hong Kong branch.

Thanks to the sourcing activities and the products’ researches, performed by Italian Head Office, and to the presence on the territory of Hong Kong, We are able to offer a great responsiveness to customer’s requests and a higher speed of execution, in order to decrease the freight’s arrival time and, as a matter of fact, being capable to halve the distances from the source.