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The following article is taken from the blog of journalist Luciano Pignataro.   Spaghetti with Cetara Anchovy Sauce. The anchovy sauce has had in the last ten years a great success in gastronomy, characterizing the small fishing village on the Amalfi Coast.   The Spaghetti seasoned w ... [read more]
Intrigued by the person, by the company's mission and by the unique taste of his Mozzarella, in the early morning of a sunny day, I reach “Tenuta Vannulo” for meeting Mr. Antonio Palmieri. It’s  23th of December 2014, and I just have a notebook with me, like an experienced jou ... [read more]
TV Celebrity, professional athlete ... or high-quality beer producer? Amaurys Pérez is all the three things, at the same time. Star of Peking Express, the  Dutch/Flemish reality game show, broadcasted in Italy from 2012, Cuban sportsman, naturalized Italian citizen and defender of Acqua ... [read more]
The industrial sector of canned tomato and beans processing, for many years one of the symbols of the Italian Economy, had in recent years significant changes, and is nowadays facing new challenges. What does allow an enthusiastic evaluation of positive outlook as this, when the recession in Europe ... [read more]